Tier Status


Racing Rewards Tier
0–4 Bronze
5–9 Silver
10–14 Gold
15+ Platinum


Racing Rewards Tier
$0–$149 Bronze
$150–$749 Silver
$750–$1,999 Gold
$2,000+ Platinum


Racing Rewards Tier
20–29 Silver
30–39 Gold
40+ Platinum

At the launch of the program on Saturday 30 January 2016, Members who have a Membership tenure of 20 years or more will be automatically elevated to their relevant tier. All other Members must earn their Tier Status by the end of the 2015/16 Racing Season (31 July 2016) in order to earn the benefits associated with their respective tier.

Your Tier Status will remain from one Racing Season to the next as long as your spend, attendance or tenure history is re-achieved by the end of the subsequent Racing Season. For example, if you achieve Gold Tier Status by 31 July 2016, you will enjoy Gold Tier Status benefits until 31 July 2017.

If during the 2016/17 Racing Season you achieve Platinum Group Status, then you will automatically be elevated when you achieve this status. If you do not re-achieve Gold Tier Status through your spend, attendance or tenure, you will move into Silver Tier Status or Bronze Tier Status (as applicable) from 1 August 2017.

Elevation of status based on tenure will occur on 1 August each year and will reflect your upcoming Membership anniversary. Otherwise, Tier Status is awarded upon qualification for the relevant tier level within the current Racing Season and runs until the end of the following Racing Season as described above.