Car Sites: Important Information


All payments for successful applications will be processed during the month of September 2016.
Upon successful allocation, refunds are not available unless otherwise stated in Clause 13.2 of The Birdcage and Reserved Car Parks terms & conditions (PDF).


Members may reserve adjoining Car Sites or Super Sites – a maximum of three Car or Super Sites may be joined.

To apply for adjoining sites online, you are required to provide the other applicant’s Member number and full name. Hard copy applications for adjoining sites must be identical, attached and lodged together, and will only be allocated accordingly if these requirements are met. The VRC will not be held responsible for the allocation of sites from applications not identical, attached and lodged together.


Members are able to apply for a Car or Super Site on each and any combination of days during the 2016 Melbourne Cup Carnival. It is important that Members indicate a preference between The Rails, The Domain and The Nursery Car Parks. Members also have the opportunity to indicate if they would like to apply for the alternative Car Park Enclosure (subject to availability) in the event that their first preference is unavailable.


Members are responsible for the behaviour of the guests they introduce to the Members’ Reserved Car Parks. Any person deemed to have engaged in behaviour that is less than satisfactory will be removed from the Members’ Reserved Car Parks immediately.

This includes damage to furniture and/or equipment. Any offending Member(s), or those responsible for offending guests, will be referred to the VRC Disciplinary Committee for action and suspension of Membership privileges may be imposed.


Members are not permitted to sell or on-sell any part of their facility. Any Member who offers to on-sell will have their Car, Super, The Hedges or The Chalets Site facility cancelled and will be referred to the VRC Disciplinary Committee.


Pedestrian Pass holders are restricted to the enclosure in which their host’s Car, Super or Birdcage Site is located, and the general public area of the racecourse. Full, Life, Provisional, Pre ‘79, Restricted and Junior Members, Guest Card and Pre ’79 Guest Card holders and Members’ Enclosure Daily Guest Pass holders will not require a Pedestrian Pass to access The Nursery, The Domain and The Rails.

Please note: Access restrictions apply in The Birdcage Enclosure. Aside from Birdcage Pedestrian Pass holders, only Full, Life, Provisional, Pre ‘79, Restricted and Junior Members in addition to Pre ‘79 Guest Card holders will have access to this enclosure.


Members and their guests are reminded that the Members’ Reserved Car Parks are Members’ Enclosures and Members’ dress regulations apply. For further details please see What to wear.


Following a successful site allocation, Members will be able to purchase their Pedestrian Passes online from early September 2016.

Simply sign into your account on the VRC website,, select ’Purchase Pedestrian Passes’ and follow the prompts.


No vehicle larger than 5.5m in length, 2.8m wide and 2.2m high will be permitted into Flemington Racecourse at any entry point.


Annexe structures may be erected in standard Car Site facilities only. They must be fastened securely to the ground and comply with the following guidelines:

  • the structure must be no larger than 3m x 3m with a roof no higher than 2.5m
  • the structure must have no sides or flooring
  • there can only be a maximum of two structures per Car Site. They will not be permitted on any Super Site facility
  • the structure must not feature any logo or other branding, except for that normally used by the manufacturer.

For full details please refer to section 7.6 of the Birdcage and Reserved Car Park terms & conditions (PDF)